New updates and improvements to Friday Digital.

  1. Onboarding page

    New Feature

    Get a seamless onboarding experience with our new onboarding page. The onboarding page will guide you through step by step along with instructions and recommendations. This will give you and us a good start with all the neccessary information.



  2. Sign-up form

    New Feature

    We've released a new sign-up form to streamline our onboarding process for new clients.

    Once the contract is signed, the client will receive a link to this form. When the form is submitted:

    1. All neccessary folders will be created automatically for our PM to start organizing the files.
    2. A TrueSight account will be created automatically. The client will receive a welcome email with instruction for next steps.
    3. The client will be added to the email list. This will ensure that you will receive all future announcements and updates.

    While this is beneficial for new clients, it frees our PMs (your PM) time of setting up new accounts, hence having more time for you 😁


  3. Dashboard V1


    We've released a new dashboard template. The new template focuses on cleanliness and simplification. You should be able to grab the most important information quicker than ever. This template will be rolling out in the coming weeks.



  4. Meeting page

    New Feature

    You can now book meetings with your account manager right in TrueSight.

    Simply choose a convenient date and time for you and your team, and TrueSight will automatically book that time slot with your account manager.

    You'll also receive an email notification every 5th of the month.